Resources on Genomics of Plant-Associated Microbes

  • Bacteria; Proteobacteria
  • Bacteria; Firmicutes
  • Eukaryota

    Other useful links

  • Agricultural Microbes Genome Conference
  • Kamoun, S, Hogenhout, SA . 2001. Agricultural Microbes Genome 2. First glimpses into the genomes of plant-associated microbes. Plant Cell, 13:451-458.
  • Walton, JD. Genomes of Plant Associated Microbes, Part II: Fungi and Oomycetes. IS-MPMI Reporter, April 2001
  • Walton, JD. Plant-Associated Microbes Enter the Genomics Age. IS-MPMI Reporter, December 2000
  • Pierson, LS and Ishimaru, CA. Genomics of Plant-Associated Bacteria: A Glimpse of the Future That Has Become Reality. APSnet Feature, August 2000

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