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Click to see the slides of 'Dont perish: a step-by-step approach to writing and publishing a scientific paper'

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Click here to link to the website for Plant Pathology 703: Agricultural Genomics

Download pdf files of Sophien's lectures in Plant Pathology 602 - Plant-Microbe Interactions:

  • Introduction: Eukaryotic pathogens
  • Molecular methods for studying eukaryotic plant pathogens
  • Infection processes
  • Gene for gene interactions
  • Fungal and oomycete effectors

  • Supplemental Data

    For supplemental material to recent articles visit the 'Publications' page.

    Supplemental Research Data for Torto et al. (2003) Genome Research, 13:1675-1685

    Supplemental Research Data for Huitema et al. (2003) In: Plant Functional Genomics

    Supplemental Research Data for Lee, S.A., Wormsley, S., Kamoun, S., Joiner, K., and Wong, B. 2003. An analysis of the Candida albicans genome database for soluble secreted proteins using computer-based prediction algorithms. Yeast, 20:595-610.

    Kamoun, S., and Hogenhout, S.A. 2001. Resources on Genomics of Plant-Associated Microbes.

    Kamoun, S., and Styer, A. 2000. An improved codon usage table for Phytophthora infestans.

    Secreted expression in E. coli of the hypersensitive response elicitor INF1 of P. infestans. Supplementary information to:
    Kamoun, S., P. van West, A.J. de Jong, V.G.A.A. Vleeshouwers, and F. Govers. 1997. A gene encoding a protein elicitor of Phytophthora infestans is down-regulated during infection of potato. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 10:13-20.


    Hamada, W., and Kamoun, S. 2004. Cloning vector pCB301-I1M.

    Champouret, N., and Kamoun, S. 2004. An improved protocol for the protoplast method of stable DNA transformation of Phytophthora infestans.

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